Salesforce deployment status from Jenkins


There was a scenario on a project I worked on, which used multiple Jenkins Pipelines to carry out build validation and deployments in Salesforce.

There were times when a deployment or validation became stuck on the Salesforce environment. Ultimately, Salesforce cannot run parallel validations / deployments; it incorporates a queue and will add a new job to the queue until the first job has completed. Thus, there was a requirement to check the deployment status in Salesforce from a Jenkins Pipeline; if a job was in progress or queued then the overall Jenkins Pipeline would fail.

I wrote a simple bash script and added this to a Jenkins JOB which helped in this occasion.

Shell script

This script achieved the following:

  1. Login to Salesforce environment
  2. Extract Salesforce deployment Id from Jenkins logs
  3. Check deployment status

Login to Salesforce environment

  • Utilises the Salesforce Login API over SOAP
  • More information - Login API

XML login payload message sent over SOAP is provided below.

  <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:urn="">

The above XML payload is sent over to the Salesforce environment endpoint:

  • sf_url is the URL you use to access your Salesforce environment
  • api_version is the API version you are using on the environment (can be the latest).


Using curl this can be sent over by using the following.

response=`curl -s $soap_url -H "Content-Type:text/xml;charset=UTF-8" -H "SOAPAction:login" -d @.login.xml`

Make sure you set the http headers noted by the ‘-H’ in the command above, else the API will reject the request.

If the login is successful, you will get a session id from Salesforce which can be used in all subsequent API calls.

Extract Salesforce deployment Id from Jenkins logs

  • Utilises the Jenkins API - to extract a deployment Id from Jenkins build logs

Check deployment status

Extracting a Jenkins log from the API is easy enough, but make sure you have your Jenkins API token otherwise the curl command below will not work.

  curl -s --user $jenkins_username:$jenkins_api_token $jenkins_url/$job_name/$last_build_number/consoleFull > $job_name-$last_build_number-output.log

The deployment id can be extracted via.

  deployment_id=cat "$job_name-$last_build_number-output.log" | grep -w "Request ID for the current deploy task" | awk {'print $11'}`

Here is the XML payload which needs to be sent over in the request to Salesforce to get the deployment status of a specific deployment.

Note. the deployment_id and session id requires updating to a valid id.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:met="">

If the request is successful, the deploy status returned will fall under either one of the following states.


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Last updated on 9 Sep 2019
Published on 9 Sep 2019